Victory focuses on ensuring every police officer meets state’s high expectations

Victory focuses on ensuring every police officer meets state’s high expectations

LANSING, Mich. — As his committee began a hearing on a bipartisan police improvement package, Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee Chairman Roger Victory said most Michigan police officers exhibit the highest standards of excellence and his focus is to ensure this is true for every officer in the state.

“The vast majority of police officers in Michigan are courageous people who serve our communities with honor and distinction. We must ensure we can continue to recruit dedicated officers, train them to meet our high expectations of fairness and justice, and retain good officers who risk their lives every day to keep our families safe,” said Victory, R-Hudsonville. “It is very important to me that anything we do has a positive impact on our law enforcement officers and our communities and avoids any potential unintended consequences that could make it harder for them to protect our families.”

Senate Bills 473-484, a 12-bill police improvement package, was introduced on Tuesday and covers a wide variety of law enforcement issues, such as use of force, independent investigations, de-escalation training, and the recruitment and retention of officers.

“Most of these proposals are based on best practices already found in a number of our local law enforcement agencies. The goal is to put these proven practices into law, provide uniformity and clarity across Michigan, while providing locals the flexibility required to meet the unique needs of their communities,” Victory said. “Once again, I’d like to thank our law enforcement community for the many constructive discussions we’ve had on steps to help them meet the modern demands of policing while supporting the many officers keeping us safe.”


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