Victory bill would preserve child care services at Holland Rescue Mission

Victory bill would preserve child care services at Holland Rescue Mission

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Roger Victory introduced legislation Thursday that would allow for certain homeless facilities to continue to provide child care for their residents.

Senate Bill 636 would create a special exemption for homeless facilities to operate an onsite child care without a license, under specific conditions.

“Decades ago, the Holland Rescue Mission reached an agreement with the state of Michigan that they wouldn’t need a license to offer child care for their residents and they have now done so for 27 years without incident,” said Victory, R-Hudsonville. “Since that time, the state has changed its interpretation, and the Holland Rescue Mission was forced to shut down their child care services after a complaint was filed with the state.

SB 636 would allow a homeless facility to provide child care, without a license, if the facility is able to meet certain requirements, including: having a paid licensed nurse on staff, providing job training and placement assistance; having a written agreement with local law enforcement for regular visit rotations; and several other commonsense standards and regulations.

Victory said the Holland Rescue Mission and facilities like it across Michigan are doing great work to help families get back on their feet. He said the state needs to be encouraging these types of operations and allowing them to continue the care and support they provide to our communities.

Rep. Bradley Slagh, R-Zeeland, is introducing identical legislation in the House, House Bill 5211.

SB 636 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Families, Seniors and Veterans.

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