Victory bill would help ensure funding for local road maintenance

Victory bill would help ensure funding for local road maintenance

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Roger Victory introduced legislation Thursday that would help ensure funding for local road maintenance.

Under Senate Bill 521, when local units of government add new roads to their system or planned developments add new roads, the plans must include how the maintenance of the roads will be paid for.

“To attract new development, local road agencies may agree to accept roadways onto the public system, but there may not be plans in place to cover the ongoing maintenance and eventual replacement costs of those roadways,” said Victory, R-Hudsonville. “My bill would require local road agencies to identify ongoing funding sources for roads being added to a road agency’s road or street system.”

Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, counties, cities, and villages would be required to identify the following for any addition to their primary or local road or street systems:
• An estimate of the lifetime cost for maintenance and capital needs for the addition; and
• Funding sources to cover the cost of the addition, which may include a local millage, special assessment, or other funding mechanism approved by the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Victory’s measure was introduced as part of a 10-bill package aimed at improving the way roads are built and taking a more comprehensive look at improving the state’s utilization and oversight of road funding.

SB 521 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

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